Stream Army was created late 2016 by @Nemzzy668 , @_Manc_ , @Doomsdaypr3p . In the begging our aim was to make an all in one Kodi add-on giving users access to all types of content in one place. At the beginging of 2017 we was joined by @LordJD927 who specialized in foreign movies with subtitles. Shortly after @Doomsdaypr3p left to take a well deserved break. At the moment the Add-On is growing from strength to strength with over 4 million downloads and 1 major server crash due to a huge increase in demand. We now have more stable servers and keep developing the add-on. We feel we are different from many of the Kodi all in one type add-ons and have a massive variety in content.


On a final note Stream Army itself hosts no copyrighted content itself. We have only gathered information freely available to anyone on the internet and put it into an easy to use add-on.