Top 5 Add-Ons We Choose to Install With Stream Army ::


Number 5

Coming in at number 5 is Exodus formally known as Genesis, This Add-on is a great choice for all your Movies and Tv Shows. The bonus about this add-on is you can also integrate it with you Real Debrid account and you Trakt Account. For those who don’t know what Real Debrid is, it gives you access to high quality streams and premium servers. This makes you Kodi experience much more enjoyable and the price is so cheap you’ll really enjoy the benefits this service has to offer, along with this add-on as well. The Add-On was maintained by Lambda, however he has since quit the Kodi community which is a great shame. Thank fully he has left us with an amazing add-on which has now been taken over by TVA.


Number 4

Coming in at number 4 is Specto, This add-on is actually a forked version of Exodus formally known as Genesis by Mr Know. With all the perks of Exodus including Real Debrid and Trakt. Specto has one feature that we think is a benefit over Exodus but fully understand why some people disagree with it. The customer resolver in Specto bypass the need for the annoying pairing, you know those links you click to play and a pop up appears asking you to visit a website to pair your device. No need to do that in Specto. That being said we do need to point out, the reason these sites have introduced this measure is due to the increasing popularity of Kodi, servers don’t come cheap, and these sites mainly rely on adds to help fund them. So is it really unfair to ask us just to visit them quickly to pair our device, earn them some $$ while we get to continue enjoying the content available to us? Not really no, it takes less than a minute to do and benefits us all. Is it a slight pain in the backside though? Yes so specto is for you.


Number 3

Coming in at number 3 is BoB, This add-on was made by members who chose to leave Phoenix, similar to Stream Army it has a massive variety of content, and some great playlists. Also this add on makes use of Nan Scrappers which is basically scrapes several sources to obtain you as many links as possible to watch what you have chosen. It has a great kids section in it as well as Movies and Tv Shows. There are many playlist add-ons out there some terrible and some great like Stream Army, but we also recognize equally good playlist add-ons and do recommend you give BoB a try as well.



Number 2

Coming in at number 2 is Sportie, This add-on created by Echo Coder is a must have for any sports fan. The content is huge and covers all your live games with some great free high quality links. The thing that makes this add-on unique as well is it also includes form guides for teams and betting odds. If your a lover of a huge varity of sports including Football, WWE, ROH, UFC, Snooker, Live Scores, Betting Odds, Predictions, then this addon is a must have.





Coming in at Number 1 has to be Echo Wizard. This is a program add-on also created by yep you guess is Echo Coder. Why do we highly recommend this add-on. It’s simple this add-on grants you access to Kodi Builds, Add-ons, Maintenance features and much more. What makes this add-on stand out is how much you can customize your Kodi with very little knowledge needed. Below is a YouTube review and install guide created by CSS Coder